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The True Things of JAPAN
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Sate, to-iuyouna wakede ...

I know that you want to know about The True Things of Japan.
Now, the first important things what you have to know ...

JAPAN is not Democratic Country.
JAPAN is not Liberty Country.

Because ...
JAPAN is just only for Mr.TENNOU.

Mr.TENNOU is not King and not Emperor.
He is just only "MAN" he said.

But ...
He is still, even now, the "GOD".

TENNOU "God" Family has 2661 years history.
Now, TENNOU Family is only 29 peoples.

and ...
All Japanese Peoples are working 24 hours everyday
for just only TENNOU Family.
Yes, all Japanese Peoples are Mr.TENNOUs Slave.

And, Japanese Army
- They said "We are existencing for only Self-Defense" -
is existencing for only TENNOU Familys-Defense.

Japanese Army is very small and weak.
But, it's enough for only 29 peoples.

It's true things.
Did You Know?

to be continued ...

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