Environmental Ethics and Environmental Education:
The Issues on Technology and Human Nature

20-22, March, 1998

Sponsored and Hosted by
The Japan Society of Environmental Education

Supported by
Environment Agency of Japan,
The Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture of Japan,
The Government of Hyogo Prefecture,
The Board of Education of Hyogo Prefecture,
Kobe City and The Board of Education of Kobe City

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The Hirao Taro Foundation of the Konan University Association
for Academic Research: "Research of Environmental Studies"
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies Konan University:
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International Association of "Earth Environment and Global Citizen"


1. Program

2. Message

3. Student Congress

4. Special Speech

5. Memorial Speech

6. Symposium I: Chair, Tateo Fujimoto

7. Symposium II: Chair, Masahisa Ota


9. Symposium III [Panel Discussion]

10. Profile

11. Excessive committee


March 20th, Friday

9:30 Registration
10:00 Opening Remarks
10:05 Student Congress
(Konan University= Peking University Student Congress)
Theme "Discussion on Global Environment in our Future:
The coorporation between Japan And China"
Chair: Mr. Taniguchi (Professor, Konan U.)
Commentator: Mr. Tian Dexiang (Professor, Peking U.)
Japanese side: Konan University students and other University students
Chinese side: Peking University Mr. Wei Honglian, Ms. Mao Xiaoling, Ms. Li Yannan
12:00 LunchÅEReception by Japanese Students
13:30 Student Congress (Student Discussion)
15:30 Short Break
15:40 Special Speech
by Mr. Tian Dexiang (Professor, Peking U.)
Title: "Future in China related to Science: The Issue on global Environment in 21 Century
17:10 Closing Remarks

March 21th, Saturday

9:30 Registration
10:00 Opening Ceremony:
President of Konan U., Mr. Norihiko Nakanishi
10:10 Memorial Speeches
Mr. Tian Dexian (Professor, Peking U., China)
Title: "Technology and Human's Ethics about Nature"
Mr. Siriwat Sondarotok (Assistant Professor,
Rajabhat Institute Phranakorn, Thailand)
Title: "Agriculture and the Natural Environment
Agricultural Techniques and Recovery of Nature in Thailand"
Ms. Nancy J. Turner (Professor, U. of Victoria, Canada)
Title: "The Relationship between Botany and Ecosystem:
From the Viewpoint of First Nations in Canada"
12:10 Lunch (at campus cafeteria)
13:00 Mr. Seejae Lee (Professor, Catholic U. of Korea, Korea)
Title: "Ecological Movement and Environmental Education:
Relating to Social Education in Korea"
Mr. Richard Smith (Head Editor, Australian Journal of Environmental Education)
Title: "Global Environment and Environmental Education"
Mr. Zenji Suzuki form Japan, Professor of Osaka Kyouiku University,
Title: "The Development of Environmental Education in Japan"
15:00 Interval
15:10 Symposium I Theme: "Technology and Natural Environment"
Chair: Mr. Masahisa Ota (Professor, Konan U.)
Commentator: Zenji Suzuki (Professor, Osaka Kyouiku U.)
Mr. Tian Dexiang (Professor, Peking U.)
"Nuclear Technology and Human Behaviors"
Mr. Siriwat Sondarotok (Assistant Professor, Rajabhat Institute Phranakorn)
"Relationship between Technology and Agriculture"
Ms. Nancy Turner (Professor, U. of Victoria)
"Influence of Technology upon Ecosystems"
Mr. Haruo Murakami (Professor, Konan, U.)
"Technology and Artificial Environment"
Mr. Sakingo Imai (Chief, Environmental Sanitary Institute in Kobe)
"Effect of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals"
17:40 Greeting Message by Mr. Morimasa Ogawa (President, Board of trustees at Konan U.)
18:00 Party Session (at the campus cafeteria)

March 22th, Sunday

9:30 Registration
10:00 Greeting Message of Japan Society of Environmental Education,
by Mr. Osamu Abe
10:10 Symposium II Theme: "Human Nature and Social Environment"
Chair: Mr. Tateo Fujimoto (Professor, Konan U.)
Commentator: Mr. Hiroyuki Torigoe (Professor of Konan U.)
"A new trend in development strategy in Japan"
Mr. Seejae Lee (Professor, The Catholic U. of Korea)
"Environmental Ethics and Policy of Development"
Mr. Richard Smith (Head Editor, Journal of Environmental Education)
"Human Nature and Environmental Education"
Ms. Anna Ford(Lecturer Konan U.)
"Literature and Environment from a Canadian Perspective"
Mr. Kazuo Shiomi (Professor, Konan U.)
"The Basic Environment Law in Japan and Human rights"
Mr. Hironobu Nakamaru (Professor, Konan U.)
"Humanity and Company Ethics"
12:30 Lunch (at campus cafeteria)
13:30 Show time: "Sound and Color of Environmental Arts" by Feeling Arts
14:30 Symposium III Panel Discussion
Theme: "The issue of Human Nature in Environmental Ethics and Environmental Education"
Chair: Mr. Fumiaki Taniguchi (Professor, Konan U.)
Mr. Tian Dexiang (Professor, Peking U.):
From the Standpoint of Physics
Mr. Siriwat Sondarotok (Assistant Professor, Rajabhat Institute Phranakorn):
From the Standpoint of Environmental Education of University
Ms. Nancy Turner (Professor, U. of Victoria):
From the Standpoint of Human Right of Native
Mr. Seejae Lee (Professor, The Catholic U. of Korea):
From the Standpoint of Environmental Sociology
Mr. Richard Smith (Head Editor, Journal of Environmental Education)
From the Standpoint of Western Environmental Education
Mr. Haruo Murakami (Professor of Konan U.):
From the Standpoint of Information Science
Mr. Hiroyuki Torigoe (Professor of Kanseigakuin U.):
From the Standpoint of Environmental Folklore
17:00 Closing ceremony

Editor Fumiaki Taniguchi
Viceeditor Anna Ford
Coeditors Masao Amano
Yasuko Kamata
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